Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When your energies are moving straight up and down each side of your body, like parallel lines, the pattern is referred to as homolateral. (Definition: pertaining to or situated on the same side.) If you are homolateral, you are operating at less than 50% efficiency. You cannot get well if your energies are homolateral. It is that simple.

Do this routine each day until the new pattern becomes established. (If you can, do it twice!)

1. Begin with the Three Thumps and a full body “reach for the stars” stretch.

2. March in place, lifting right arm with right leg and then left arm with left leg.

3. Breathe deeply throughout the entire routine.

4. After about 12 lifts of the arms and legs in this homolateral pattern (right arm with right leg and left arm with left leg), stop, pause (take a deep breath in and out), and then change the pattern to a normal Cross Crawl (lifting opposite arms and legs) for about 12 lifts.

5. Repeat the pattern twice more.

6. Anchor it with an additional dozen Cross Crawls. End with the Three Thumps.

Note: These instructions can be easily adapted so the exercise can be done when you are sitting or lying down.

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