Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Note From Donna Eden On Following Instructions Precisely

On Following Instructions Precisely

By Donna Eden

When I cooked my very first meal for David's parents in 1977, his mother, Edith, wanted the recipe. This put me into a stressful dilemma. I have always been considered a very good cook, but I've never stayed with a recipe. I may on rare occasions consult a recipe, but I never follow one. Why would you follow a recipe when your instincts tell you what to do at each choice point for the substance and taste you want for these guests for this meal? Being asked to describe the exercises used in Eden Energy Medicine presented the same kind of dilemma as Edith's request for my "recipe."

I recognize that it is necessary to lay out the procedures. And it is necessary to have a way, such as energy testing, to know what effect they had. But I never do the same procedure in exactly the same way twice. I always follow the energies and let them and how they are responding dictate my work. The procedures are useful. Remembering what has worked in the past when coming up against something like a stubborn Triple Warmer response kept me from having to keep re-inventing the wheel. But I always let my body and the energies of my client's body speak to me and influence how I do the procedures.

In mastering a system, you do need to learn the established procedures before you can move beyond them. They are the "default," and you can always come back to them and wind up with generally good results. But even early on, trust your instincts more than what is written. If it says "Hold the Neurovascular points for two minutes” and you feel that is not enough, or if you feel what is needed has been accomplished after a minute, trust that and verify with an energy test. The energies are talking to you. Learn their language and learn how to listen to them. That language is more important for mastering Eden Energy Medicine than any words I have written.