Friday, August 17, 2012

Innersource's Support of "Project Light"

Where have American mental health workers most convincingly demonstrated the impact of Energy Psychology on PTSD?  With American veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, you would think. But you would be wrong. Ask the practitioners and you will hear how close to impossible it has been to get the VA to officially allow therapies that involve tapping. Fortunately, a few heroic efforts outside of established channels have led to important studies published in major journals showing that Energy Psychology is effective with U.S. combat veterans.

But the right answer to the above question is "Rwanda."  With so many still traumatized after the 2004 genocide, the country's citizens have been open to anything that can demonstrate that it works. And five studies conducted in Rwanda have shown that people who have been suffering for more than a decade with insomnia, flashbacks, nightmares, the inability to hold a job, bed-wetting, difficulty concentrating, et cetera, have overcome these symptoms in as little as a single session. One of the studies, using standardized measures for PTSD, found the improvements lasted two years after a single-session treatment. Another single-session study did its follow-up one year later and also found that the improvements were durable.

Innersource has worked closely with the people involved in carrying out these treatment programs and the research documenting their results.  In many cases, the work did not stop when the treatment teams left. Energy psychology self-help techniques became part of the culture, with local leaders teaching it to their communities.

Imagine being able to heal the pain, hatred, and deep damage of warfare and genocide. Imagine being able to help a country that has been crippled open doors so its young leaders can thrive and be effective in shaping a future where wounds are healed and hope becomes realistic. Everything we need to know to be able to do all of this is available, today!  

One of the teams from Rwanda, led by our dear colleague, Lori Leyden, is bringing this work to other countries now with a program called "Project Light."  Click here to watch an inspirational seven-minute clip about Project Light and to find out how you can become meaningfully involved in supporting this important work.