Monday, May 3, 2010

Rhythmic Eights

Rhythmic Eights
(time about 1 minute)

Where the Homolateral Crossover addresses large patterns within the Celtic weave, doing Rhythmic Eights brings all of the energies, from those that surround you down to those of individual cells, into a crossover pattern. If you are having difficulty relaxing, are caught up in your daily troubles, or are just feeling the blahs, Rhythmic Eights are fun to do and are always a good energy boost. It adds a touch of joy to do them to music that makes you want to move.

1. With your hands hanging, sway your body shifting your weight from one hip to the other, moving to music or moving as if you are moving to music.

2. Let your arms sway with your body. You will notice that there is a natural figure eight movement in both your arms and body as you sway from side to side. Let your arms move out farther so they are swinging wide.

3. Stretch your hands out in front of you and make a sideways figure eight with your arms. Go up and over on the right, circle down, and then again up and over to the right. Twist at the waist in the direction toward which you are reaching, allowing your body's rhythm to move with your arms. It is more like a free-form dance than a tightly patterned exercise.

Several Rhythmic Eights will help get the left and right-brain hemispheres into better communication. This technique is used in "Educational Kinesiology," an application of Energy Medicine that helps children with dyslexia and other learning handicaps.

This exercise can be found on page 70 of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine for Women book., and page 201 or Energy Medicine 2008 edition.

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