Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Stress

How do I maintain my center while interfacing with family and friends during large holiday gatherings?

Sparky is preparing to host Thanksgiving at her house tomorrow and is in search of how to keep her energies humming and triple warmer calm.  Sparky reached out to Donna and some EEM Certification Program graduates for advise on how to get through the holidays and keep her cool.

Donna Eden wrote back saying:

"Above all, stay out of fear.  If you find yourself there, blow it out.....and then zip up with grand affirmations.  Stay hooked up, do a Celtic Weave as many times as you want during the day.  Do Faerie Flows and also do Blow Outs if something hits you, then zip up  with confidence.  Do not forget the 5 minute routine 2 or 3 times a day or any part of it that especially affects you.
If you get on overload, sit down and do a crown pull & hold your neurovasculars.  Hook up again."

Sparky's friend, Kelmie Blake, EEM Advanced Practitioner said:

"Get your energies solid before you get there - ground yourself (gaits, hook-up, belt flow), strengthen your aura (celtic weave, darth vader breath, more hook-ups), make sure people that zap you are not seated on your left (more vulnerable side), & cross over as much as you can (ankles, Tibetan prayer pose, etc).  The Triple Warmer/Spleen hug is good too - and if people ask what you are doing, you can just pretend you are cold.  ; )"

So what is Sparky going to do?  Lots of hooking up, weaving my energies and figure eights ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ all over me, the turkey and the whole house!

Another favorite that Sparky will include is the Mellow Mudra, it helps to calm triple warmer and cool down the heat.  Elsie Kerns, EEM Certified Practitioner, has a great video on YouTube demonstrating the Mellow Mudra.

What other things do you do to keep your cool during the holidays?
Happy Thanksgiving

~ Sparky!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Energy Psychology on PTSD in Psychotherapy Networker

Psychotherapy Networker
2010 Issue
David's recent article on Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy Networker has resulted in an unusual number of letters.  Here is a snippet of the correspondence:

"I read with skeptical interest your article on Energy Psychology. You present evidence for the psychological effectiveness of physically stimulating certain points on a patient’s skin, and you propose a mechanism for this involving signals transmitted to the amygdala. But as a physicist, I am interested in your wife’s claims to “see” energy fields associated with those points on the skin. You asked her, "What energy … Electrical … Kinetic, thermal, magnetic, chemical, nuclear?" Did you ever get anything pointing to the possibility of an answer to this central question?

The evidence you present suggests that these so-called “energy” healers have tapped into a physical mechanism for alleviating unwarranted psychological distress. Excellent! But is there any reality to the “energy” they claim to see and “move” through the body?


Thank you for your "skeptical interest."  That is more than fair.   My best attempts to answer the question you underline are included in the article at, with some of the references building the empirical case more than the paper.  Western science and Eastern healing traditions are just starting to meet around the issue, and the evidence so far is persuasive to those who are already bought into the "subtle energy" paradigm and less persuasive to those who are not.  The book that most persuaded me from the science side was Vibrational Healing, by Richard Gerber, M.D.  James Oschman's books might also be of interest.   The book that most helped me understand the paradigm from the Eastern perspective was The Web that Has No Weaver:  Understanding Chinese Medicine by Ted Kaptchuk.  The Field by journalist Lynne McTaggart surveys some of the most interesting studies.

Best regards,


Monday, November 8, 2010

Scrambled Energies & Time Change

Does the time change have your eN3rGiEs sCr@mBLed?

Sparky here, was trying to plan in advance for the time change so I wrote to Donna Eden, Dondi Dahlin, and some EEM Certified Practitioners asking what to do help my energies and meridians adjust to the time change on Sunday.

On Thursday, Kelmie Blake, EEM-AP wrote to Sparky saying "What I like to do is, a few days before the time change (as in, I should start this today [[Nov. 4]] ), I trace my meridians with the new time, to get my system used to it. So, if I were to trace my meridians right now, at 9 am, instead of starting with Spleen, I would start with Stomach.  I also usually do them another time before bed with the new time." 

The EEM Certification Program Halloween
Party Winner "Scrambled Energies"

Well, Sparky failed to heed Kelmie's advise, zoomed through the beautiful, sunny fall weekend with my family and woke up this Monday morning with scrambled and confused energies compiled with "a case of the Monday's."  On the way to take the kiddo to school, scatter brained, I stopped at the warning sign that tells you there is a stop sign ahead, I drive this road every day! I shut my scarf in the door, I asked the boy three times if I gave him lunch money,  and turned down the wrong street.  I did a hook up and found a little relief, at least to drive the right direction. As I drove down the road I was thinking "gee, I should have followed Kelmie's advise on Thursday." As I sit down with the laptop for work, I come to my email and find a wealth of solutions for my scrambled energies! And, not so coincidentally, pictures from the EEM-CP Halloween Party with the winner being "Scrambled Energies."

Donna wrote to Sparky saying "After making sure that your energies are going forward, unscrambled and crossing over, hook up for at least a minute and trace the meridians from the new time of day.  Should be enough! If not, go to Energy Medicine and follow the tapping protocol ....but not waiting anytime in between. Tapping the ends of the meridians would be sufficient as well. And probably EFT tapping. But the suggestions other than EFT should work fabulously and they have in the past.  One particularly scrambled-energy person I know needed to do the 5 minute routine after tracing. Love, Donna"

Excited about that email, I start by doing the three thumps for a minute each and move on to read the rest of my emails.

Jyoti Rawlinson, EEM-CP wrote to Sparky saying "This is good when you're going through any kind of transition and is about letting go ...


For any kind of transition, e.g. coming down from a flight, if you're having a hard time ending things or feeling stuck. This exercise works with TW (Triple Warmer) to break the habit, as TW fights change:

  • Place hands behind the head, thumbs behind the ears. Drag thumbs (Lung)* up and around the ear crease line and end at the temples. Slide hands over Neurovaculars (frontal).
  • TW gets in alignment and helps you let go.
*Lung – this deals with letting go."  

And Sue Powell, EEM-CP wrote saying "I agree with Kelmie - that is the most straight forward thing to do."

Sparky having her meridians traced
at the San Diego 5-Day.
Here's what I did to get the "Spark" back in "Sparky" on this scrambled Monday following the time change.
  • Three thumps, again, for a minute each
  • Homolateral Cross Crawl
  • Wayne Cook
These got my energies unscrambled and crossing over as Donna suggested.  Now to get them flowing with the new rhythm.
  • Hook up, holding it for over a minute and experiencing deep sighs of breath and alignment
  • Trace Meridians
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Figure eights all around
  • Transition exercise as described by Jyoti, above
Whew! Sparky found her spark through a jolt of Energy Medicine.

Figure Eights & Radiant Energies to all.  ~ Sparky!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eight Energy Systems Upgraded to Nine Primary Energy Systems

Donna Eden used to teach that there are eight primary energy systems.  When her revised edition of Energy Medicine and new book Energy Medicine for Women came out in 2008 they reflected her new teaching that there are nine primary energy systems.  The electrics is the additional energy system that Donna uses in the "upgraded" teaching.

The nine primary energy systems are discussed on pages 28 - 33 of the book Energy Medicine for Women.  You can also read about them in the article The Principles of Energy Medicine on the Innersource website.

The Nine Primary Energy Systems
  1. The Meridians
  2. The Chakras
  3. The Aura
  4. The Electrics
  5. The Celtic Weave
  6. The Five Rhythms
  7. The Triple Warmer
  8. The Radiant Circuits
  9. The Basic Grid