Thursday, June 11, 2009


For many of us, learning to energy test food can change our relationship to what we eat. You can test to see if your body is going to like a particular food, by whether it makes you strong or weak.(to learn about energy testing see link below )

You can also get children involved with picking out foods you buy at the grocery store or energy test them before you cook a meal. It can be a game. (They will enjoy it, at least until the first time they energy test weak on something they really want.) But often, even if they are begging for something seeing their arm lose its strength on an energy test of that food will bring laughter and reduce the tension.

Of course they may want to eat it anyway, but kids can become less interested in food that consistently cause them to lose there energy. The best results happen if they make the connection that losing strength on an energy test may mean that the food being tested may reduce their energy level and leave them feeling bad.

However, you have to be honest. A healthy body can metabolize a certain amount of junk food and it would undermine the process to overpower the child with your strength or your mind. Use the guidelines presented here to be sure the energy test is accurate and particularly that it isn’t being influenced by your belief or your child’s desires.

Finally, let children draw their own conclusion about how eating food that energy tested weak makes them feel. When they can authentically relate energy testing to their life that it isn’t just a trick or a frivolous game energy testing becomes a source of empowerment, a way to get useful information and biofeedback. They might also like turning the tables on Mom and Dad and energy test you on that cheesecake or cigarette and why not? You may be interested to find out for yourself weather that daily glass of red wine really is good for your heart. You can also use energy testing to assess the likely reaction of your own body or your children’s bodies to vitamins and other food supplements.

Source: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, Page 61-62

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