Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wayne Cook Posture

The Wayne Cook Posture is named to honor Wayne Cook, a pioneering researcher of Bioenergetics force field who demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique for treating dyslexia and stuttering.

This exercise can also help with a wide range of psychological problems, including confusion, obsessiveness, compulsivity, disorganization, depression, and excessive anger.

If you are in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t seem to hear you, or if you have difficulty speaking your own truth, this is an excellent technique to use prior to any confrontation or important discussion.

This technique is also effective even when the upset is so intense that you are unable to quit crying, or find yourself snapping or yelling at others, sinking into despair, or feel that you are beyond exhaustion. The Wayne Cook Posture helps process stress hormones.

To do the Wayne Cook Posture, sit in a chair with your spine straight (time-about 90 seconds)
  1. Place your left foot over your right knee. Wrap you right hand around the front of your left ankle and your left hand over the ball of your left foot, with your fingers curled around the sides of the foot
  2. Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting the breath lift your body as you breathe in. At the same time, pull your leg toward you, creating a stretch. As you exhale, breathe out of your mouth slowly, letting your body relax. Repeat this slow breathing and stretching four or five times.
  3. Switch to the other foot. Place your right foot over your left knee. Wrap your left hand around the front of your right ankle and your right hand over the ball of your right foot, with your fingers curled around the side of your foot. Use the same breathing.
  4. Uncross your legs and “steeple” your fingertips together so they form a pyramid. Bring your thumbs to rest on your “third eye” just above the bridge of your nose. Breathe slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, about three or four full breaths.
  5. On the last exhalation, curl your fingers into the middle of your forehead and separate them, firmly and pleasantly, pulling across your forehead to your temples.
  6. Slowly bring your hands down in front of you. Surrender into your own breathing.

Excerpted from Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D pgs 85-88.
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  1. I am still new to the realm of Energy Medicine. However I have done a part of this excersise right befor speaking in a meeting a few days ago and was finaly able to say all of what I intended rather clearly. Thank you for posting.

  2. I did an Intro to Energy Medicine night, hosted by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer. The next day when working with an elderly client who wanted to work on greater physical stability, she had a hunch to go ahead and use what she had just learned the evening before. She had her client do the Wayne Cook Posture where ankles and arms are crossed. Voila! After doing this simple energy exercise, the client was able to perform her physical balance exercises with much greater stability and ease! Both client and trainer were delighted!