Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Crown Pull:

The Crown Pull:
• A great deal of energy is processed in your brain and skull, but it can become stagnant if it doesn't release and move out through the energy center at the top of your head. (Called the Crown chakra in yoga tradition.) The Crown Pull is a physical stretch that literally opens this chakra so energy can move through it. The Crown Pull clears the cobwebs from you mind by calming your nervous system and stimulating blood flow to your head.

Other benefits of this exercise are:
• Releasing mental congestion.
• Helping overcome insomnia.
• Strengthening memory.
• Opening the Crown chakra to higher inspiration.
• Refreshing your thinking ability.

Here is how it works…

To do the Crown Pull (time - about 15 seconds), breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth and:

1. Start with you thumbs on your temples, fingertips resting at the middle of your forehead.
2. Apply pressure and slowly pull your fingers apart, stretching the skin. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth Repeat as feels good.
3. Place your fingertips at your hairline and repeat the stretch.
4. Repeat this pattern starting at the top, center, and back of your head. Continue until you reach the base of your neck.
5. Move down to your shoulders and push your fingers in and hold. Then pull across your shoulders towards the front. Hold your hands there until it feels right, then release and drop your hands/arms.

Quote: “Never confuse motion with action.”
--Benjamen Franklin

Exercise found on pages 89-90 in Energy Medicine.

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  1. With the exercise pulling out the thoughts which are processed in our mind and skull is a good method.

  2. This is my first visit to this site. Would love to see this in a video. I started out leaving my thumbs at my temple, but got a bit awkward as I moved my fingertips to the back of my head. Especially at the neck and shoulders part... can't really do that one with thumbs on temples and not sure where to push in.

  3. You can also opt for utilizing your Theta. Healing modalities like Thetahealing utilizes the theta brainwaves to create a sense of calm within one self, and use it for healing purposes.