Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Attachment Theory Webinar

Attachment Theory is just that--a powerful, persuasive, illuminating theory.

Beginning this Thursday, October 25, Psychotherapy Networker is streaming a new video webcast series, Attachment Theory in Practice, will give you concrete tools for helping your most hard-to-reach clients.

You'll learn how Attachment Theory can give you new tools and methods for approaching the most challenging issues you face in your practice.

Attachment Theory In Practice   

October 25 - December 6

Click here for full course details.   

Featuring David Feinstein on December 6, 2012!

Here's a chance to increase the depth and power of your work by learning from some of the Psychology field's leading innovators:
  • Diane Poole Heller will demonstrate proven techniques for engaging difficult clients with avoiding, anxious, and disorganized attachment styles.
  • Susan Johnson will show how to move couples into more secure, integrated sexuality by enhancing their attachment bond with each other.  
  • Bruce Ecker will provide a clear, practical model for determining whether or not attachment issues should be the clinical focus with a given client.
  • Dan Hughes will present a powerful 4-part approach for helping overstressed, burned-out parents get through to their shut-down kids.
  • Maggie Phillips will offer a fascinating look at how Attachment Theory can relieve the suffering of chronic pain sufferers.
  • David Feinstein will demonstrate how simple, easy-to-learn tapping techniques make a huge difference in work with clients stuck in old attachment injuries.
These are just a handful of the things you'll learn and will be able to put to use immediately in your practice.

Don't miss this great opportunity to move to a new level of effectiveness in your practice.

Just click here for more information.

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