Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Energy Psychology in Rwanda

By David Feinstein, Ph.D.

In 2004, I was invited by the Institute of Noetic Sciences to write a piece for their magazine on the use of Energy Psychology in disaster areas (eventually expanded into a journal article and published in Traumatology). Unprecedented positive outcomes were being reported following natural disasters as well as human-made catastrophes. The TFT Foundation (TFT is the original Energy Psychology protocol) was taking the lead in pioneering this critically important application and producing heart-warming outcomes in heart-wrenching situations.

I had the privilege of interviewing members of the teams that courageously went into countries like Kosovo, the Congo, and Rwanda following unthinkable atrocities and full-scale genocide. These teams were making a tremendous difference in healing the emotional devastation using simple acupoint tapping protocols. They provided direct care in their early visits and then began training local health care practitioners and others so the benefits of the method could be spread.

For instance, in Rwanda, more than 100 people in leadership roles are now using TFT to treat members of their communities. A mayor in the Northern Province of the country commented: "People who I have never seen smile are smiling. People who were not productive are now productive." 

The TFT leadership is creating a movie, From Trauma to Peace, to show how it is possible to transform trauma and its debilitating states of anger, violence, and hate to peace -- compassion, forgiveness, hope, and love! It is a movie the world needs. Click here to find out more or to learn how you can help.


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