Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fixing Polarities with K1 and EEM

Greetings!! Sparky Energy here!!

As the end of December led up to the end of the Mayan calendar I was feeling out of sorts, off balance, confused, etc. I read Titanya Dahlin post on Facebook about purple being a good color to help grounding during this transitional time. Coincidentally, I had just bought new 500 thread count purple sheets and duvet cover. As soon as I started sleeping in them I felt a bit more calm and collected in the mornings. I felt like things were going better, I was more centered and more grounded. And then poof! At 2:30 a.m. Central time on New Years Day I awoke in panic and crying. I was in such overwhelm and despair I couldn't even think to do any Eden Energy Medicine techniques. I had two more spells of anxiety, each getting worse, over the weekend. On Monday morning I contacted Kelmie Blake, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. We talked via phone for about half an hour and she felt that my polarities were flipping and gave me an EEM remedy to try:
K1 Points
  • Spin a crystal over my K1 points on the bottoms of my feet
    • Donna refers to the K1 points as the Wellspring of Life Points on page 126 in her book Energy Medicine.
  • Fork my feet with a stainless steel fork moving the energy out off the toes and heels on the top and bottom of the foot.
  • Spoon my feet with a stainless steel spoon in figure eight patterns going through the K1 point.
  • Of course, do the Daily Energy Routine a few times a day, especially the Homolateral Cross Crawl.
  • Use Rescue Remedy (a homeopathic remedy) as needed.
    • My intuition led me to spray a small amount of Rescue Remedy on my K1 points.
  • Put a rock(s) under my desk to place my feet on since it's cold outside and I can't really connect with the earth right now.
    • My own intuition told me to put sandalwood oil on the rock. The rock I brought into my office is from the original foundation of my 1886 schoolhouse/church-house I live in.
 I did this series twice and was already feeling better! Wahoo!! 

I already had an appointment set up with my family practitioner MD as a routine followup for the same day. Later that day, when I visited my doctor I told her about my symptoms and I also told her about my consultation with Kelmie and the EEM techniques. My doctor was impressed at the techniques and their results. She gave me the following "prescription":
  • Continue on the same medications at the same dosages I routinely take for anxiety, depression, and migraines.
  • Do the Eden Energy Medicine techniques recommended by Kelmie at least once a day.
  • Attend Yoga classes at least twice a week.
  • Take B-12 complex and Niacin.
  • Begin a gluten free diet.
Today is Tuesday, only the next day, but I am feeling 1000% better. I have followed the doctor and Kelmie's advise before bed last night and again this morning. I visit the MD again in 6 weeks. I hope that by then I am 10,000% better!

Eden Energy Medicine works, you just have to do it.

Sparky Energy!

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