Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eight Energy Systems Upgraded to Nine Primary Energy Systems

Donna Eden used to teach that there are eight primary energy systems.  When her revised edition of Energy Medicine and new book Energy Medicine for Women came out in 2008 they reflected her new teaching that there are nine primary energy systems.  The electrics is the additional energy system that Donna uses in the "upgraded" teaching.

The nine primary energy systems are discussed on pages 28 - 33 of the book Energy Medicine for Women.  You can also read about them in the article The Principles of Energy Medicine on the Innersource website.

The Nine Primary Energy Systems
  1. The Meridians
  2. The Chakras
  3. The Aura
  4. The Electrics
  5. The Celtic Weave
  6. The Five Rhythms
  7. The Triple Warmer
  8. The Radiant Circuits
  9. The Basic Grid

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