Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Stress

How do I maintain my center while interfacing with family and friends during large holiday gatherings?

Sparky is preparing to host Thanksgiving at her house tomorrow and is in search of how to keep her energies humming and triple warmer calm.  Sparky reached out to Donna and some EEM Certification Program graduates for advise on how to get through the holidays and keep her cool.

Donna Eden wrote back saying:

"Above all, stay out of fear.  If you find yourself there, blow it out.....and then zip up with grand affirmations.  Stay hooked up, do a Celtic Weave as many times as you want during the day.  Do Faerie Flows and also do Blow Outs if something hits you, then zip up  with confidence.  Do not forget the 5 minute routine 2 or 3 times a day or any part of it that especially affects you.
If you get on overload, sit down and do a crown pull & hold your neurovasculars.  Hook up again."

Sparky's friend, Kelmie Blake, EEM Advanced Practitioner said:

"Get your energies solid before you get there - ground yourself (gaits, hook-up, belt flow), strengthen your aura (celtic weave, darth vader breath, more hook-ups), make sure people that zap you are not seated on your left (more vulnerable side), & cross over as much as you can (ankles, Tibetan prayer pose, etc).  The Triple Warmer/Spleen hug is good too - and if people ask what you are doing, you can just pretend you are cold.  ; )"

So what is Sparky going to do?  Lots of hooking up, weaving my energies and figure eights ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ all over me, the turkey and the whole house!

Another favorite that Sparky will include is the Mellow Mudra, it helps to calm triple warmer and cool down the heat.  Elsie Kerns, EEM Certified Practitioner, has a great video on YouTube demonstrating the Mellow Mudra.

What other things do you do to keep your cool during the holidays?
Happy Thanksgiving

~ Sparky!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am filled with Gratitude for Donna Eden & David Feinstein and each of you in this Energy Medicine Community.

    Sparky wishing you and your family a very SPECIAL day of joy and sharing.

    Click here for our November Newsletter to get your Energy Medicine tips for Gratitude

    And here are 5 Easy DeStressors that everyone can use during this holiday season.

    Be Well Within,
    Dr. Melanie

  2. Thank you Dr. Melanie. It was a great Thanksgiving hope it was a very special day for you too. And thank you for the great link on 5 Easy DeStressors! Happy Holidays! ~ Sparky!